In theory you are right, but in reality taxpayer pays for his own security, not for punishing…

I agree with your theory. I feel more secure when certain people are not around me. Although I’m not so selfish not to recognize unfairness. I draw a civilian DoD pension and my wife draws on my “file and suspend” SS benefits. She also draws a DoA pension for writing agricultural rules. My 95 yo mother who worked one decade as a school secretary gets the military retirement of her pilot husband plus SS plus a state TRS pension plus an insurance-company annuity. My crazy sister who also worked a few years as a teacher gets supplemental benefits for life. None of this is paid by “employee taxes” that we paid ourselves, as we spent the slush-fund money on wars, including the Vietnam Way in which I was Army Airborne. And it is unfair that 2.5 million minor criminals and 4 million ex-cons get constantly monitored either in jail or by parole systems. (I’m OK with the violent criminals being in the hugely profitable criminal justice system, just not the men who jaywalk where the sidewalks are under construction). The whole system is unfair. Something has to change. I’ll probably die before any change.

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