Why Trans Activists Can’t Trust The Left
Sam Riedel

Dear Sam:
This sort of article puzzles me. While I admit to knowing very little about specifically trans-rights, I do know, categorically, that the RIGHT is explicitly HOSTILE to them where I live (South Carolina). Perhaps, living in New York City?, you have a very different perspective, but LGBTQ people and their allies where *I* live DO support each other. You will never see gays applauding the arrest of trans people at OUR PRIDE events. Corporate sponsorship is very slight, but we, at least, all have each others’ backs.

And we know who our friends are: SOME people on the left of the political spectrum, and NONE on the right. So, can we denigrate the left in the titles of our articles a little less? While your title is eye-catching, it seems to me ultimately destructive. I hope all of your readers will take the time to read your post all the way through… Those who merely glance at it may conclude that the left and the trans communities are not natural allies… which they clearly ARE.

If we wait on the right to take care of us, we’ll all be commiserating in concentration camps soon enough.

Be well,