Labour and antisemitism

Another day, another article about Labour and antisemitism in the Jewish Chronicle. People are missing the point. As it is at the moment, the current Labour party stands in opposition to the majority of the Jews in the UK. You cannot change anything by removing the low hanging fruit of a tree if the roots of the tree are infected. It is a done deal.

A simple point to start. Corbyn’s election was a putsch. It always surprises me that those on the left seem to have the most distorted interpretation of the word ‘democracy’. In May Labour received over nine million votes. These nine million did not vote for Corbyn and his policies. Just a short while later, highly active groups used well- oiled campaign machinery to push their chosen candidate. They won. Suggesting somehow Labours electoral power (the 9 million) gives Corbyn (251,000 votes) a viable mandate is one of the absurdities of democracy rather than democracy itself.

Secondly, we already know that there are issues in the hard left with confusion between antisemitism and antizionism. Israel is a successful, innovative, educated nation that steers towards capitalism and free markets. It is a natural red flag for far left politics. Worse still it is one of the ‘great Satan’s’ best friends. Insane ‘peaceniks’ view every defence of Western Values as white supremacist action attempting to sustain a white capitalist system. Their ignorance and stupidity wouldn’t leave them liking Israel much either.

And who defends this nasty little Israeli state — the Jews. Thus begins the classic merging of control, money, power and the Jew. The current labour party hates Israel and despises the Jews that defend it. It is indeed classic antisemitism but an antisemitism being born of a new seed.

Finally, and this is the point most over-looked, demographics. Our nation is changing. Who is the one who thinks that if the demographics change, the political parties stay the same? You cannot get away from it but Islamic communities do have an antisemitism problem within, and the majority of these people vote labour. They are active politically and they are pushing their candidates.

As it stands Labour is removing itself as a viable option for the average Jewish voter. If you think this is inaccurate — take Kaufman. After his Jewish money comment in Westminster, this is what Martin Rathfelder, his election agent said: “I’ve had complaints about him saying things that were said to be antisemitic, but never someone who was a voter in the constituency.” A man pandering to his community, nothing ‘undemocratic’ about that.

So as specific constituencies reflect the will of their voters and antisemitism continues to grow in specific sections of the community, the parties they vote for will become infected with this disease *from the root*. It is a natural and expected part of the democratic system. We are lucky that we are able to concentrate this hatred in a single entity — the Labour party.

And given our system of government, this change isn’t a short term issue. Removing Corbyn doesn’t make it go away. All that would happen is the PR face of the party would be more energetic about hiding it. In theory, if an Islamic party of some sort were eventually founded (don’t write that off), then there would be a force to extract some of the poison from the party, but as it stands, for a Jew in 2016, regardless of our history with them as partners, you may just as well write Labour off completely.