How Corruption Defeated Afghan Reconstruction
War Is Boring

I have another idea. One in which we take responsibility for our own actions.

I don't believe we needed the Afghans to corrupt us, in us they found willing partners whom had already been profiting from Americas military adventurism, the added explosion of “Military contractors” sealed the deal.

Before my grandfather died he expressed that he was deeply troubled by the direction we had taken and by the parallels between America and Rome.

His generation was the “Great generation” and he himself fought with the USMC on Iwo Jima, it was a time of (Surprisingly) American liberalism and socialism on an unparalleled scale. We threw away the best part of our self in our war against communism and all things socialist.

The remenants of Great america live on today only in Europe.

America should be deeply ashamed, yet here we are close to electing a reality TV star.

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