Earning My Chair on the Stage
Hunter Walk

There is Always a Bigger Stage

Over the years, this has become more and more apparent. There is always a bigger stage. I was perusing LinkedIN when I came across this article.

Now to many, Hunter would be considered quite accomplished. In fact, he has been on stage, large stages. He led Google’s product team for Youtube and went on to found Homebrew, who are considered to be one of the more successful seed stage funds in the valley at the moment.

In the note, he admires the history of venture capitalists that have come before him, generated returns, and had a positive impact on the university endowments that entrusted them with their capital. While he looks forward to his next stage, he’s currently sitting on a massive one.

Wherever we are is our current stage. Our audience might just be our friends and family. Over time, that stage grows, and we have the ability to address a much larger audience. There is always a larger stage, a bigger goal, a more audacious plan. Success isn’t a place you reach, it is a path you continue along.

There is always a bigger stage to grow to, but success is how you perform today on your current stage.

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