5 Ways To Help Increase Employee Retention This Year

Finding employees is the easy part. Retaining them in your business is a whole other problem. It’s time to take a serious look at your hiring practices, training, workplace environment and benefits to figure out the reasons why employees may be leaving the office in droves.

Then you can start to increase employee retention this year so all the job positions are filled with the right people as here are several methods to get you on the right path to having happy, long-term employees.

1. Create the Right Working Environment

A good company culture is created by employees who share the right motivations, work ethics and business attitudes. When there is a great working environment, employees don’t typically want to leave the business. Create the type of working environment that fits best into your company goals, visions and operations, such as a strict all-business atmosphere or a laid-back, casual company culture. Develop an employee handbook that details expectations and the working environment you want to create, as you can use form templates from IntouchInsight.com to further clarify the rules so the company culture doesn’t get too far out of control.

2. Hire the Best Employees

Sometimes the reason isn’t the office environment or management practices that are forcing employees to leave. Some employees may only be seeking the position on a short-term basis to gain experience and professional development before moving on to a different company. To hire the best employees who want to grow with the company, you have to market to the right people. Using marketing templates like these can help you define what you are looking for in employees, further clarify skills traits and experience the candidates should have, and allow you to weed out the employees who aren’t going to be a good fit with the company culture.

3. Create a Comfortable Work Environment

If people want to work in the office, they’re more likely to stay. It’s simple math, really! Comfortable office furniture, good hardware and plenty of natural light can help foster creativity and keep employees from feeling like they’re working in a sterile, corporate type of environment. Get a quote for custom product creation from ClubSally.com and see what you can come up with.

4. Provide Ongoing Training and Mentoring

Not every employee will have the knowledge and skills about the special equipment or custom products that are exclusive to your company, especially if you are operating in a niche industry. Providing things like ongoing training from sites like Lynda.com, and mentoring from thought leaders in the company will allow employees to better understand their tasks and work more efficiently. So if you need to, get the employees involved in product design so they learn everything that they can about the product or service so they become experts in your business.

5. Pay Your Employees Well

You can have the best work environment in the world. Yet if the employees aren’t properly compensated, they will leave to go to a company that will pay their living expenses. Offer competitive and attractive pay rates based on the employee’s position and job tasks. It will help increase employee retention this year.

6. Offer Appropriate Benefits

Employee benefits are extremely important to workers and their families. Offer a range of benefits based on the type of employees that are hired: full-time or part-time workers. In addition to health insurance, life insurance and paid vacations, your business might benefit by paying tuition costs and continuing education expenses so employees will be loyal to the company for many years.

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