The challenge assigning ‘success’ to the aforementioned Canadian programs is that they share alumni with other programs.
Performance expectations for Accelerators: the big three programs account for two thirds…
Jesse Rodgers

There seems like a ton of overlap of companies that decide to participate in 1, 2, 3 or more accelerators/incubators in the Canadian space.

I have seen companies that have participated in some if not all of PropelICT, Volta, Google, CDL, DMZ, Communitech, and FounderFuel programs. It is not so much about who gets the credit but as a measure of success do all get to count the startups performance? Or just the most recent one?

Some of the Canadian companies are also part of the big 3 after they’ve participated in the above mentioned programs. But the valuation, traction, and financing only occurred after the participation in the big 3 program — do the Canadian programs get to count the performance of their alumni?