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Homescreen I have had for months

Today I’m wiping my iPhone and starting again from scratch. I’m getting rid of all of the apps and data and only reinstalling them if and when I need them.

I’m doing this for several reasons:

Try out something new:
I haven’t used many of Apple’s own apps like Mail, Maps, Calendar for years and they have had plenty of updates since. Now is the time to give them a go, as coupled with the updates to OS X El Capitan and watchOS 2, there are some great benefits for using all of Apple’s own apps. Plus, worst case scenario, Mailbox, Google Maps, Fantastical etc., aren’t going anywhere!

I have apps that I keep around because I someday might, possibly, maybe use them. Many of them I haven’t used for months or years, but I keep them around as a safety net. But really they take up space and it’s time for them to go. Then, any apps I do reinstall, I know the ones I actually use.

I only have a 16GB iPhone 5. It really only has about 11–12GB of available space once the OS and Apple’s apps are taken into account. This means space is at a premium and apps and their data really do take up large percentages of its available space. For example, I’m a massive fan of podcasts and keeping several hour-long podcasts in Overcast often goes over 2GB itself!

I really does ‘feel’ as though an iPhone with more free space in its flash storage does run faster. There have been times when Overcast has auto-downloaded some podcasts and the device is virtually unusable as its free space drops to 150MB. Hopefully this will make this a little bit quicker.

Fresh start:
I’ve just installed the iOS 9.1 beta, and it will be good to start from scratch and see if I can cope with iOS 9 on this device for a while before I upgrade to a newer device. I’m also testing the Zombies, Run! beta software, and that has a lot of audio files which take up space too, just like Overcast. To be able to do this properly, I have to be able to have enough space for it.

iOS9.1 beta clean install

You can see what I learned from wiping my iPhone here:

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