I’m really excited for Destiny 2

There, I said it.

Cayde’s leadership style needs a bit of work.

I used to love Destiny, but haven’t played it since March, when I moved house. I’ve just been too busy doing other things, and then Mass Effect: Andromeda came out, and I still haven’t finished its single player… Yeah. I keep hoping to get back to it and play with my friends, but I’m unlikely to just dive in on my own. Destiny 2 is starting to win me back over again.

The things about Destiny for me are the fluidity, the gunplay, the cooperative and competitive elements all come together rather impressively. I’ve not found another game that marries all of those together quite as well. Mass Effect: Andromeda has an interesting story, but the combat feels downright clunky in comparison to Destiny, a game that originally released 3 years ago! But that’s one of the differences between Bioware and Bungie.

I watched the Bungie livestream and can happily say I’m really excited for Destiny 2.

Here are three reasons I’m excited:

  1. No need to jump back into orbit between activities — This was something that sucked a lot of time, especially when you’re doing a number of different activities with friends and you’ve got a limited amount of time. It took a while to move back and forth and back and forth, as you always had to make an extra step each time. This change will be great, and as I recall, got one of the loudest cheers on the night!
  2. A cohesive story from the start — After playing through Destiny, one of the things I was told by those who had started before me, was not to worry about the story, it won’t make much sense. And it didn’t. Successive expansions added more and more cohesion and now with Destiny 2, we’re getting a proper story from the start. While it can’t make up for the strange start in Year 1 Destiny, it will be great to start well in D2!
  3. New social elements in ‘Guided Games’ — I have irregular times where I can play, and often not for long. This has meant that I couldn’t join any longer gaming sessions or plan too far ahead to play with others. This greatly reduced my ability to play much of the endgame content. The more difficult, but more rewarding elements. The new ability to jump into the game and join a ready-made group has the potential to be great for me.

And let’s be honest. The Bungie trailers are always on point.

Now I guess I just have to finish Mass Effect first… I should be ok, I’ve got a few months!

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