#MinsGame Day 24

More books and some extra stuff I’m never going to need again. All of these CDs have been ripped to ALAC and FLAC, so I have the music in decent enough quality, as well as the lower quality audio that is already on iTunes right now. I’ll likely have a sort out of the data in the next little while as well.

Also got some books, a DVD and a game to get rid of. I’ve never played a FIFA game — I got this one free with some others when I bought my Xbox 360 second hand.

The science fiction books here are glorious. I’m a big fan of Herbert and Bradbury, and that’s probably why these books have stayed so long. Hopefully others will benefit from them. The Horrible Histories books are quality and this one is about Scotland. I think I’ll take it back to Scotland with me next time I visit, perhaps someone there will get more use of it. I love the Bourne Identity too, although my views of the book are so completely coloured by Matt Damon’s performance, that I find it difficult to disassociate the two!