#MinsGame Day 3

Now onto the third day of the 30-Day Minimalism Game that I’m playing with Dan Pape from http://danielpape.co.uk/. I’m detailing it here on Medium and he’s doing it on Instagram here:

Yeah, I’m starting small… I know!

Sticking with the theme of pointless things in my office drawer, today I got rid of an old receipt from a return I made to Amazon for a keyboard that I couldn’t use. It sounded like a machinegun from a hundred yards away because it had Cherry MX Blue clones in it. I didn’t want to deafen or annoy my colleagues! I returned it, but was told by the driver to hold onto my receipt ‘just in case’. So I did. And here we are months after the event. Time to get rid of it!

The second thing is an old notepad from work. It has my day-to-day scrawlings of notes and ideas and todo lists for work, as well as a few usernames, passwords and URLs to remember. Since the last date in it is over a year ago, and I’ve never actually needed to look back at it, I think it’s time to let that go too.

The last thing is bubblewrap. This was probably in my drawer as it arrived with a delivery I got. Obviously I held onto it because you can never have too much bubblewrap, right? But instead I’m going to throw it away because I don’t see myself ever needing it. Especially at work!

Again, Dan has outstripped me. He’s already started on the shoes… Dammit!

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