#MinsGame Day 16

Now things are getting more difficult as I have to dig around for things rather than just pick them off the top of surfaces in my room!

Here we have mostly broken technology — an old MacBook and its box, an old netbook that was given to me that is now in pieces. My old iRiver MP3 player with a completely dead battery. There is also an old recruitment DVD for the RAF. Since I won’t be joining that organisation, I won’t be needing that either.

A few things are going to the charity shop too including a table tennis bat and a laptop bag and a few things are going in the recycling, like the toothbrush manual and the orange folder.

I’ll be glad to see the back of these things as they have absolutely no use to me, but they hid in the loft doing nothing and benefiting nobody.

Dan is into the books and CDs. I’m still ripping my CDs before I get rid of them. I’d probably better get on with that! I’d also better delve deeper into the loft for books sooner rather than later…

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