I hear you.
Paul Dughi

What makes you think that TV is free to watch? Watching commercials is a form of payment. On Netflix, the user does not have to watch commercials because they pay monthly. Millennials aren’t looking for a way to watch all of the live events at once. They want to be able to watch Galen Rupp run the marathon without Applebee’s chiming in 2 minutes into the race. There is a reason that there are commercial breaks during the Super Bowl. No one wants to be taken away from the live action to see a celebrity drive a car.

A “prime-time” is not appealing to a millennial either. No one goes to a TV for the highlights of a sport because the ESPN app on their smartphone already told them. TV is becoming less of a news center and more of an entertainment center.

You ask if water and sewer services should be free. If I can’t use the water in my home unless I watch a 30 second ad about the new Honda Civic, then yes.

You can’t have it both ways. Make me pay for the service called TV or let me watch commercials. But don’t make me do both.