A really scary decade full of awful A.I. applications

Artificial intelligence technology is one of the big scalers of this century. The promise of A.I. that is carried throughout media and society is tantalizing: A super-human machine, that never sleeps and is able to process enormous amounts of data with superior objective insight. No wonder that we are experiencing an unprecedented hype around intelligent apps— “Using A.I. to do X” applications are flourishing and startups, big corporations as well as governments are increasingly promising to solve society’s biggest problems with data-driven insight derived from artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, as the decade is ending, mankind has also scaled existing threats and…

Beyond the Tragedy of the Commons with Smart Contracts + AI

Can we scale human economic cooperation with trustable machines?

The advent of cryptocurrencies allowed us to implement incentives in the highest level of granularity imaginable — up to a single bit. This paradigm shift allows us to think outside the box, scaling and connecting incentives with data in ways never seen before.

AI smart contracts leverage this new kind of programming. They are machine learning algorithms with blockchain-based business logic — or in other words, an analytical machine that can guide human behaviour via designed incentives.

In this blog post, we argue that these incentive programs are highly scalable and might even provide a design-principled solution to one of…


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  • 如何给社会事业评估其价值,并确保我们的奖励能够最大限度地促进这一事业?
  • 如何设计出足够灵活的奖励措施,以适应不断变化的情况?
  • 如何确定这些奖励措施是可靠的?


GainForest — 一个(非常)机智的打击亚马逊森林砍伐的合同

The Age of A.I. Powered Incentives

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Can a machine guide us to be good humans?

Self-interest is an integral part of human nature. Being able to re-channel self-interest into actions that would benefit all of the society is challenging but transformative. Imagine, to enable people to do social good just because it is simply the most profitable way to live. We would naturally consolidate a more sustainable lifestyle without even thinking about it. However, the design of sustainable incentives faces a plethora of challenges:

  • How can we link a value to a social cause and ensure that our incentive maximizes this cause?
  • How can we design incentives that are flexible…

David Dao

PhD student in AI and Data Systems for Sustainable Development 🌱🛰️🌍 | Founder GainForest.app | Past: Stanford, Berkeley, MIT https://daviddao.org

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