We are so thankful for the feedback that our early customers give us. Every time we see someone new use Sonix, we smile. We often wonder how they found out about us and how they would describe Sonix to a friend. So we do the most obvious thing: we ask them!

It is a manual process on our end, but this was a customer’s response that we just got back:

I found about Sonix after a friend of mine recommended it. Sonix is amazing. It is quick and quite accurate. I would describe it as a life saving software.

I think that a marketing campaign of “Sonix. We save lives.” might be a bit too aggressive. Regardless, I’m smiling ear-to-ear. And it is only 9:49am on a Tuesday morning.

I can’t believe that it is already November. The last few months have been both exciting and intense.

Building something new consumes you: I have been drawing on napkins at restaurants, I have used ketchup bottles and salt shakers to explain concepts, I think of edge cases in a spin studio, and I have found myself waking up in the middle of the night to doodle an idea on the whiteboard. Yes, I installed a whiteboard in my home. What a game changer.

“So what’s next?” That’s been the common refrain from both friends and acquaintances. …

The ultimate compliment in the restaurant world: 3 Michelin Stars

There are millions of restaurants in the world. Michelin (yes, the car tire company) came up with the famous Michelin Guide back in 1900. It has a singular purpose: to help identify the best restaurants in the world by sending anonymous inspectors to these restaurants.

By 1936, the Michelin Guide established their star rating:

1-Star Restaurant
“A very good restaurant in its category”
“Une très bonne table dans sa catégorie”

2-Star Restaurants
“Excellent cooking, worth a detour”
“Table excellente, mérite un détour”

3-Star Restaurants
“Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”
“Une des meilleures tables, vaut le voyage”

Cooking is an…

Earlier this week, you left this world.

Mom barely left your side for those final days in the hospital. She sat there, she slept there, and she held your hand the whole time. Mom said that you simply closed your weary eyes, took one deep final breath, and gently left this world. We all knew that this day would come, but it still broke my heart to lose you.

You left us with so many beautiful memories. As I look back, tears are trickling down my face and my heart is beating a little bit faster—I cannot help it. …

Kevin Durant Press Conference after winning the 2017 NBA Finals starting at 5m 08s:

I’m coming in and working every day. Seeing how I can be the best teammate that I can be, the best player that I can be. You can talk about whatever you want to talk about. But nobody comes in and cares about the game or loves the game as much as I do. Or works as hard as I do at the basketball game.

You can talk about whatever happens on the outside, but inside those lines, I come to bring it everyday. I…

When you strive for greatness, there will be haters.

You need to tune out the noise. You need to focus on the fundamentals. You need to stay locked in. Let them debate each other, while you show them what a champion looks like.

KD. You are now a champion.

Nike makes the best ads. The writing, the timing, all 100% on point.

Kevin Durant 3-pointer over LeBron James with 45s remaining in Game #3 of the 2017 NBA Finals. Courtesy of The Big Lead

Kevin Durant’s Post-Game Interview with ESPN:

Question: Can you tell us how you walked so confidently into the three when you are down and the Finals game was on the line?

Kevin Durant #35: All I was looking at was the bottom of the net. And I saw that [LeBron’s] heels were behind the three point line. I’ve been working on that shot my whole life. And uh, you know for that one to go in… That was liberating right there man. So we got one more win. We gotta keep going.

I love the intensity and the meaning behind…

Designers (like me!) are consistently focused on how do we make a generic flow customizable to each and every customer. With new advances in big data and AI, tech is focused on making sure that users feel cared for and are consistently engaged.

I’m inspired when I see someone perfectly execute in real life what I’m trying to do in tech. There’s a beautiful simplicity in seeing it live.

Barry White, Jr., a fifth grade English teacher at Ashley Park PreK-8 School in Charlotte, North Carolina, has an elaborate, personalized handshake with every one of his students. Every. Single. One.

The 2016–2017 College Football Season officially ended on Monday with a thrilling National Championship Game. Many photographers armed with giant camera lenses were on the field hoping to capture the quintessential play of the game. And what an incredible fourth quarter.

I’ve been photographing Stanford Football from the sidelines for the past 8 years. Each year is different: there are new players, new schemes, new challenges, and hopefully, I keep improving. But I feel the anxiety each and every play of each and every game.

Sports photography is very intense and I absolutely love it. Here’s why:

It’s complex.

There are a…

I’ve interviewed a lot of designers over the past few years and created my own personal repository of design interview questions (about 40–50 questions). I went through this repository over the holiday season, here are my three favorite questions:

  1. What did you do on your very best day at work? What about on your worst day at work?
  2. When was the last time that you spoke to a user? Who did you talk to? What questions did you ask? What did you learn?
  3. What are you known for today? What do you want to be known for two years from…

David Dat Nguyen

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer at Sonix. Pro photographer, emoji enthusiast, part-time pyrotechnician, fitness fanatic, alliteration aficionado.

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