hat Type of Cosmetic Products And Makeup Do You Need?

Some beauty essentials are very important for every woman and some are not. You need to own the right one, this will not only save your money, but will also provide you with all the needed things. Some of the most essential makeup items are:

· Tinted SPF: For a great makeup look, foundation is a must, but this doesn’t mean that it’s necessary. Your semi-sheer tints will give you the right amount of coverage and will provide you an extra glow. Choose the one with a built-in SPF.

· Concealer: If you are not having one, then it’s the right time to get one. No other item can cover your dark circles and blemishes like a concealer. You can apply it with your fingers, brush or just flat.

· Cheek color: We all love a bright blush, but a neutral one is more preferable. A neutral shade will not clash with your lipstick or your dress. It will help chisel your bone structure and will also provide you an instant glow.

· Highlighter: It results in a subtle look and you can’t skip this item. It will give you an amazing one from an average one, and the highlight will make a big difference. For instant boost you can swipe the concealer over your cheekbones, corner of your eyes, folds around the nose and on the cupid’s bow of your upper lip.

· Mascara: Few swipes of mascara will give a more elegant look to your eyes. Choose the one which can do multi-tasking. If your mascara has a dual sided brush, then you can make the most out of its wand bristles.

· Eye shadow palette: Pick a palette which has three colors in it and will give you a smoky eye look in minutes. A medium shade will wash the lid, the darker shade will create depth along the eyelash line and a shimmery and pale shade will highlight the inner corners and the center of the lid.

· Lip color: You know very well the difference between the barely naked lips and barely there lip color. When it comes to lip color you must go for baby pink which can complement any look that you carry and keeps the lips soft for longer and also protects them from harmful sun rays.

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Cosmetics are as old as civilization. Cosmetics have been in vogue since the ancient times. Cosmetics was used even by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. She is said to have bathed in milk and honey in order to accentuate her beauty. The famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor is said to have washed her face several times a day tok keep herself looking young and beautiful. In the Victorian times, the people specifically women were said to have used lead and zinc phosphate to accentuate their beauty. This trend continues even now. With the advancement of science , new technology have been developed to produce cosmetics in mass production. This ways there is an increase in demand of cosmetics amongst the people.

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