Post Burning Man Thoughts Part One (1/3): On Judgment
Sean Glass

I thought about this extensively on the way home from my first burn.

By definition (and there are multiple), as humans, especially at Burning Man, I believe we think of judgement as: an opinion or conclusion. I think it’s the finality of “judgement” that is regarded as a potential trap which the default world seems to have inspired us to lay in abundance.

So when me and Betty left our first burn, we created a Mantra for this.

  1. Resist judgements at first…
  2. …be patient and observe.
  3. Form decisions born out of love and positivity.
  4. Allow for yourself to evolve from these decisions.

I am occasionally conscious enough to notice us humans (read: myself) making quick judgements based on hair, color (skin, clothes, eyes, etc), clothes, style, politics, music choice, etc. And I think the idea of reserving judgement is that we as humans are programmed to “build a case” to support that judgement once it is made. It’s part of how we have survived all these (so few) years). I think the goal is to walk this human brain programming back a bit. E.G. I see catch myself judging people in front of the Robot Heart bus sometimes... “that girl must be a narcissistic model who couldn’t even name one BM principle.” (editor’s note: this was an actual thought by the author.) Turns out the girl is a super hot humanitarian who likes underground house and techno. Glad I reserved SOME judgement there, enough to learn more of this rather attractive human being’s story. ;)

Back to the spirit of your point. None of the principles are rules. Because in the playa or grand playa reality, they can only be followed 99.9% of the time even in the wildest dream scenario. After all, we’re humans...