How to Encounter Problems While Accessing Belkin Router Dashboard

David Den
David Den
Dec 26, 2017 · 3 min read

Hello Friends,

Are you having trouble to access Belkin Router Dashboard or you are unable to access Belkin Router Dashboard. I will help you out to solve these problems.

Today,I am gonna tell you on the topic of “How to encounter problems while accessing Belkin Router Dashboard.

Let’s go ahead.

Belkin Router’s default Ip address is It is used to access the router’s built up setup page where user can use customize its settings.

How to Encounter Problems while accessing belkin router dashboard

There are certain points which need to follow. So please check the points below for troubleshooting options. That you can resolve the issues and successfully login in to dashboard.

  1. Check your ethernet cable should be connected :

You should make sure that ethernet connecting to your belkin router and system is not splitted. If you are not still able to access the router’s web page setup. Change ethernet cable and use another ethernet cable.

2. Check Router’s valid IP Address:

A valid ip address to your PC received from router is to be communicate and access the web-based setup page. The IP address of the computer and router’s IP segment should be in range.

3. Enter the correct router’s ip address

Check the router’s IP address while log-into the router’s web based setup page and then enter the ip address in the address bar. If you have changed the settings of your router, may be its default settings don’t work.

4. What to do an IP address conflict appears:

When you use same ip with multiple devices, it occurs IP address conflicts in the network, during that time, you may switch off the morden and unplug the ethernet cable of the modem from the router.

5. Incorrect Password displays while log-in :

Either Belkin routers or other manufacturers routers don’t have default password If you have to log into the router’s dashboard, Enter your router’s ip address in your web browser, Click on login button and put the credential details such as username and password and then submit.

6. Solve the web browser issue:

You may choose one of the web browsers to access the router’s web based setup page. If you are unable to access the setup page. you may choose another web browser to isolate the issue. Make sure, your web browsers’ cache and history is clean. if It’s not then clean all memory of your web browsers. there are some steps given below for deleting the history and cache:

• Mozilla Firefox — Click History > Clear Recent History… then select the items that you want to clear out and click on Clear Now. Close the browser and reopen it.

• Internet Explorer Click Tools > Delete Browsing History… then select the items that you want to clear out and click on Delete. Close the browser and reopen it.

7. To reset the router’s setting:

All these steps are done, but still showing unable to access, you may reset the device. To reset the router’s settings, you may check this link Reset router.

8. Check the router’s latest firmware is installed or not:

if you already installed latest firmware in your router. It’s good, if not then you can check the proper instructions, Click on Belin router’s firmware

9. Router’s light

Corresponding lights of the ports where cables are plugged into are iit.

10. Change the Wi-Fi passoword:

If you change the Wi-Fi Password, your wireless devices would be disappeared from your networks.

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