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Two things:

  1. Hillary espousing some elements of the Bill Clinton agenda doesn’t make her right wing. If you look at her voting record or the issues she’s championed for a while, she’s obviously beyond the center-left. Universal healthcare was her pet issue. She often voted in lockstep with the Senate’s more liberal voices during her 8 years there. To say she’s right wing (either in the abstract or relative to where the center is for most people) is idiotic.
  2. Not everyone who disagrees with you or critiques lefties like Stein are “shills” or “partisans.” Go and read the Green Party platform. Read my post on Jill Stein. The top-line may look good, but there’s no substance. In addition to that, she’s never really held political office (meaning she has no real experience), her policies are unrealistic and woefully inadequate, and her name isn’t even on the ballot in all 50 states. Calling her and her quixotic bid for the Presidency a joke is being generous.
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