2016 exposed divisions among (let’s say, for clarity’s sake, and to not muddy the waters even further, or rehearse arguments from last year’s Democratic primaries) committed non-Republicans when it comes to a whole host of issues normally debated by people who are decidedly not on the political right. The group agitating for dramatic changes to American political economy (usually a more European model is proposed) have begun calling themselves leftists, and have begun criticizing those less interested or confident in dramatic changes to American political economy liberals or neoliberals.
Understanding liberals versus the left
Elizabeth Bruenig

What’s really interesting to me about this is that this debate has played out almost entirely in the elitist/academic/beltway sphere. Like, the grassroots activists winning elections in Georgia and Montana and such couldn’t care less about being called liberal or leftist or progressive.

I think this is more indicative of the left/non-Republicans’ problem than anything else.