Why is this “against” Hillary????
Patty Jane

You stated very clearly in your piece that the potlucks were organized “in response to George Clooney’s $100,000-a-plate fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.” This echoes the broader messaging of Bernie’s campaign and his more ardent supporters over the last few weeks, wherein the only point being made is that Hillary is corrupt. I’m sure everyone’s for overturning Citizen’s United (and McCutcheon), but let’s not pretend this is a moral rebuke of money in politics when it looks more like a rebuke of Clinton.

The point I’m trying to make is that we, as Sanders supporters, signed onto this because we were looking to participate in a higher minded politics, a politics concerning ideas and not petty squabbling. But as this campaign moves forward, I fear that we as a collective have lost that. It’s become more important to find creative ways to call Hillary a shill than it is developing effective solutions. Where were the potlucks when Illinois and Missouri were holding primaries? Why aren’t they centered around Bernie’s tacit papal endorsement? For a lot aimed at helping Bernie win, we’ve become almost maniacally obsessed with the happenings and transgressions of the other side. And that’s probably why we’re losing.

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