Best Outdoor DIY Projects for Spring and Summer

David Deusner
4 min readApr 13, 2018

Spend more time outdoors this spring and summer season working on awesome DIY projects with friends and family!

With summer quickly knocking at our doors, the thought of spending more time outside in the sunshine after months of cold and rainy weather could not sound any better. Below, you’ll find a list of outdoor DIY projects you can try in your own backyard that will transform it from a simple green area, to a creative and unique space for you and your family to enjoy the sunshine and warm, cozy nights.

  1. DIY Table Top Fire Bowls

This project will transform any dinner table or evening wine and cracker setting into a warm and intimate atmosphere. First, you will need two plastic bowls (one being one inch larger than the other in radius). Use some oil to (spray-on oil like Pam is perfect) on the inside of the larger bowl, and on the outside of the smaller bowl. This will let you pull the bowls off nicely after the cement dries. On a separate large bucket, mix one whole bag of quick setting cement with enough water, so that its consistency looks like thick cake mix. When it’s ready, pour the cement inside the large bowl, and continue to press the smaller bowl into the mixture. Make sure it has a one inch thickness on the bottom. Let it dry for a good 5 to 6 hours, and there you have it!

To set up a fire, place one gel fuel can in the middle of the bowl, and surround it with fire resistant rocks (available in any hardware store). Be careful when lighting the fire with a long match, and enjoy!

2. Tic Tac Toe

This is a perfect family project where the kids can help out and later play! Pick six handful-sized rocks, and paint three in one color or type of design, and three in another. One group will represent naughts, and the other crosses — you get the idea. For instance, you could paint ladybugs, bees, flowers…the possibilities are endless! For the tic tac toe board, you can either simply paint it on a piece of wood, or for the more ambitious, carve it out.

3. Tire Swing Flower Pot

If you have a strong, steady tree available, this is a project that will turn your garden into a work of art. Paint an old tire in any color you like, using waterproof paint which you can get from a hardware store. Drill several holes on the opposite area of where it will be held by a resistant rope, and securely tie it on the branch you have chosen. That’s the heavy part done, and all that’s left is for you to put soil in it and plant your flowers or plants of choice! You may prefer flowers or greenery that dangle or hang for a different look. You can also experiment with different designs outside of a tire swing and really get creative!

4. Tin Can Lanterns

Collect as many empty tin cans of soup, beans, sweetcorn, etc. and rip their labels off, fill them with water and freeze them — this will help them maintain their shape for the next steps. Make two holes at the top of the can, and these will be used for setting up the handle. Make your design and use the hammer and nail to punch it out. Let the ice melt and paint them in any colors you wish. To make the handle, cut about 12” or bailing wire and bend it with tweezers to make a hook. Do the same with the other side, and there you have it. When they’re ready, place tea candles inside them and enjoy a romantic and changing light pattern all throughout your backyard. These can be hung on tree branches (stay cautious of fire hazards), or simply rest as centerpieces on your outside table. These lanterns can also make for simple and sweet wedding decor!

What are some of your favorite DIY projects for the spring and summer seasons?