We Ain’t Gonna Play Trump City
Alex Young

While I understand the sentiment, and you are of course free to associate with whomever you want to, the following phrase gives me the creeps:

“we turn away from anyone who violates this ban”

I’m sorry, but that is a bit too much McCarthyism for me. I actually think refusing to respectfully engage people who support Trump is also short sighted, but refusing to associate with those who associate with those who associate with... etc., etc. is precisely the kind of intolerance that got us into this mess to begin with. It also makes the whole “Love Trumps Hate” slogan downright Orwellian. Look at how Bryant got people to come around: he didn’t lecture, preach, or shame; he showed people FACTS, in the form of empirical, tangible results.

Another sentence that jumped at me was, “[Evans] didn’t feel welcome in his country anymore”. If there are many black people (and others) that feel this way, that is a shame, because it IS NOT TRUE, and I place a lot more blame on the left than the Trumpsters for this misconception. I know very few Trump supporters, so my sample size is tiny, but not one of them has, say, scrawled racist graffiti on a wall, which would obviously make one feel “unwelcome”. The vast majority of my fellow Clinton supporters, however, have gleefully shared every isolated incident of such hate, complete with photos, ensuring that the targeted group enjoys the full experience of seeing it. None of my Trump-supporting friends has even *hinted* that any group (with the exception of those here illegally, which means they are not officially not “welcome” by the government anyway) is unwelcome, but not so with the Clinton supporters: between all the Facebook posts, blogs, articles, etc., they have made it VERY clear that “half of the country does not want minorities here!”

Listen, I get how enjoyable it is to paint people as evil cartoons, as it is an easy way to make oneself feel more moral simply by comparison; no actual increase in morality needed! But when it is done at the expense of people who are already scared, hurt, and angry, it is truly revolting. Yes, there have been dozens of incidents of Trump supporters being hateful towards minorities, but it pales in comparison to the thousands upon thousands of Clinton supporters that have done everything they can to convince various marginalized groups that they are under attack, not welcome here, etc.

Hmm, I meant to leave a 2 sentence post, and ended up on a rant! This obviously has disturbed me a lot more than I realized. I can sorta see now why some people journal; it helps to clarify what’s going on in the old noggin. Next thing you know, I’ll want a Safe Space (although TBH, whiskey is my Safe Space).