Human Evolution Collision Safety

Humans would be entirely different if we were meant to absorb the impact of a high-speed collision.

All evidence to date will prove that we will not evolve into a biological mass meant to absorb massive impact and a practical solution is required.

They named their crash proof human Graham. I named my crash victim Strax… and yes he is doing a Mr. Bill imitation… “Oh No…”

Check out my design of a way to help what we humans need at our present level of evolution to improve our chances of survival in one of our most common necessities,,, transportation safety…

Fatal Impact G-Force Is About 65g To 75g For Adults and Only About 50g For Children

Basically with this design the sacrificial areas of the frame and shield absorb the deadly high-speed impact levels of inertia forces and the separable safety cage carrying the very frail humans slows much more gradually.

These impact meter readouts are from five scaled collision tests of impact.

The last crash test sled measurement at 53.6 and the cage at 7.4 equals a total of 724 Percent Impact Reduction of the passenger compartment from frame impact when allowed to separate instantly in all directions.

A Separable Safety Cage,,, Is The Most Logical Evolution Of Human Transportation Safety…


Meet Graham ( Video Story ) Credit TAC Australia published July 2016

Best Pictures with a very Descriptive Summary is by

Check out my garage built 1/16 Scale Crash Model published September 2015