My Job Is Leaving The Country

All my work is not being outsourced to others right away but…

My fellow corporate underlings, employees and contractors even in engineering, are already being instructed to send bigger and bigger portions of our job responsibilities to other countries with lower pay rates regardless of abilities and all the typical delays to scheduling and countless other impacts just to make their quarterly and yearly profit numbers look better…

I would simplify this global problem of outsourcing to other countries by an amendment to the employment tax laws.

For every employee used in other countries the employer pays a tax equal to employees unemployment support costs at a fair rate to country of origin.

Most would agree with the logic that putting some of the jobs in border countries does benefit your own country by giving them jobs in their own country helps to slow immigration justifying a higher rate for employees used in other than employers continent of origin.

To keep employers in your own country is simplified by keeping trade at a fair exchange rate for every country that treats their employees fairly justifying a much higher rate for employees used in countries that are not fair to the employed and unemployed on planet of origin.

Perhaps this is a spaced out and overly simplified view but it is not just a North American problem and as a global problem that is effecting all the countries that have higher wages and a higher cost to unemployment that are being driven higher as the results of unfair trade in a global marketplace, perhaps the answers are simply to find ways to add balance.

From an engineering designer’s perspective companies that pursue only lower labor costs to increase profits are on a fools short sighted path and will be spending much more to catch up to companies that are looking down the long road to produce higher quality with more cost effective designs.

From huge power plants to miniature electronics our products are sold to a global market.

A fair and global trade agreement that is also fair to the labor force is crucial to drive competitive product designs.

In this context, the inevitable not so distant future of the automobile will be less labor intensive with drive-by-wire and will depend much more on modules built globally and assembled locally to deliver as close to a custom order as possible to each consumer.

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