On Overcoming Adversity

Our lives are filled with strife.

We struggle.

We endure.

We fail.

We move one step forward to go 10 steps backward.

We yearn. For ease. For comfort. For “enough”. For success. For more.

Oftentimes, we look out into the world for answers. We look for clues to make life easier. We read self-help books. We blame “them”. We elect politicians who we believe have greater interest in our success rather than their own.

We forget to look within.

And, in failing to look within, we fail to look to the Lord who dwells in our hearts and minds.

We think the economy needs to get better.

We think we need to “do something”.

We want somebody else to pay for it. To fix it. To deal with it.

In fact, someone is. He is.

Overcoming adversity of any type begins with acknowledging that we don’t control our plight.

God does.

Begin there.


David Domzalski blogs at DavidTheRunner.com. Follow him on Twitter @DavidDomzalski.