Facebook Became Your LinkedIn — Here Are 5 Ways How to Take Advantage

Welcome to 2016. It’s close to 10 years since you first set up your Facebook account, 10 years! Yup, you’re definitely getting old. But you’re also using your Facebook account a hell lot differently than you used to (or at least I hope you do).

You’re no longer posting drunken photos with high school mates, you’re no longer posting private messages on other people’s walls and you’re certainly less picky about who you add as a friend. At the end of the day, you’ve already added so many people over the years that another stranger you’ve met once won’t hurt to add. Out of your 1000 friends, how many do you actually talk to? You’re rigorously curating content that’s released “under your name”. You probably even went back and deleted some old “teen” photos where you thought you look stupid.

The use case of Facebook has shifted with its audience becoming mature adults with husbands, wives and families. Heck, teens don’t even set up Facebook accounts these days anymore. Your Facebook has become a window into your life, that too many strangers can see through. Clients, employers, colleagues, partners, a large part of your professional network. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to adapt to this “new” reality. Your Facebook account is becoming your new LinkedIn.

Treat Facebook as your professional/public profile.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at 5 advantages your “new” professional Facebook can bring you.

  1. Get Traction — Posting on Facebook is a great way to gain initial traction for your content. Your friends are a lot more likely to share your content (especially if you ask them to do so).
  2. Test Content — Your friends are more likely to give you honest feedback to whatever you release.
  3. Go Viral — If you play your cards right (and play along with FB’s algorithms) you have a chance of going viral. Currently, live videos will get highest priority over all other types of content and they’re therefore going to be seen by most people.
  4. First Impressions — Pimp out your profile, you never know who comes across it. Display your portfolio of work, add a link to your website and choose what photos to display.
  5. Connect — Facebook’s casual look & feel make it a lot easier to say hi to people you otherwise wouldn’t. Take advantage of that and continue building your network!

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