Chrome Developer Summit Recap

Alex Russell at the Chrome Dev Summit.

Progressive Web Apps are modern, mobile first, offline web apps, that can compete with the best of those on native.

Progressive Web Apps

“Why will anything I say work, when these didn’t?”

The web’s secret weapon is low friction.

Progressive Web App Checklist

  1. Manifest. The app must have a valid manifest with required properties. This uses the Web Manifest Format.
  2. ServiceWorker. The app needs to load offline.
  3. HTTPS. The site must be of Secure Origin.
  4. Engagement. To get the Web App Install Banner (the “Add to Homescreen” banner), the user must visit at least twice and for 5 minutes. This banner doesn’t show up until these two visits. This decreases the spammy-ness.

Anatomy of a Progressive Web App

The app shell is like the native code that gets uploaded to an app store.



ServiceWorker is an air traffic controller. Think of your web apps requests as planes taking off. ServiceWorker is the air traffic controller that routes the requests. It can load from the network or even off the cache.

Push Notifications for Engagement

Web Push = Reach + Engagement

DevTools got a serious upgrade

Animation Inspector in Chrome.

The new Security panel

Security panel in Chrome.

An attacker should not be able to read the data that goes between the browser and the server.

Talks to watch

  1. Progressive Web Apps — Alex Russell & Andreas Bovens
  2. Instant App Loads with Service Worker — Jeff Posnick
  3. Building Progressive Web Apps with Polymer — Rob Dodson
  4. Deploying HTTPS: The Green Lock and Beyond— Emily Stark
  5. Intro to RAIL — Paul Irish & Paul Lewis

Go build a Progressive Web App

  • tutorial — Build a Progressive Web App with sw-precache.
  • Zuperkulblog — A Progressive Web App built with Polymer.
  • Airhorner — An offline airhorn that looks and feels like a native app.
  • Firebase Hosting — Free SSL. And the Firebase SDK handles intermittent offline connections.




Developer Advocate at Google. Working on the Firebases.

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David East

David East

Developer Advocate at Google. Working on the Firebases.

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