The Biggest Things Ever to be Transported by Sea

The people at international removals company 1st Move International have put together an excellent blog post which takes a look at some of the largest things ever to be transported by sea.

Here is a sample from the post:

The Statue of Liberty:

In 1885, France gifted the United States of America with The Statue of Liberty. Lovely sentiment, but how does one get a 93 metre tall, 200-tonne, iron and copper sculpture from Paris to New York? The answer, of course, had to be by boat. Separated into 350 separate pieces, Lady Liberty was packed into 214 wooden crates and loaded on to the French ship Isere. After crossing the Atlantic, she was painstakingly rebuilt atop her pedestal, gaining her place as one of the world’s most prominent icons and famous tourist attractions. These spectacular images show various stages of the Statue of Liberty’s construction and really bring home its sheer enormity.

An Oil Rig:

Earlier this year, the world’s heaviest cargo was taken by ship from its location in the North Sea to the Port of Hartlepool. The Brent Delta oil rig had been decommissioned, so it was brought to land to be dismantled and recycled. From the sea bed to its top, the rig measured taller than the Eiffel Tower. Only the topside needed to be shifted, but this part of the rig alone, comprising drilling equipment and living quarters, weighed in at more than 24,000 tonnes. In sailed the gargantuan Allseas Pioneering Spirit, a vessel about the length of six jumbo jets, measuring 382 metres long and weighing in at 403,342 tonnes. Pioneering Spirit might have broken a record, but there’s room for more impressive cargo yet: her full load capacity is a staggering 48,000 tonnes.

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