If you have a Purpose

You don’t have limits

I’m tired I can’t do this anymore!

But are you really tired and you can’t do this anymore!?

Imagine the real moments when you felt destroyed in pieces, it’s not necessarily because you have worked to much, often, instead, even if it’s hard to admit it, was because you didn’t reach your goal and you felt without a purpose.

A man could work for days without a break if the purpose is so big to make him do that, his energy doesn’t have limits!

Often I asked myself how successful people were able to work almost with no breaks to reach their goals! Thinking about it now I realize that the only difference between me and them was that they had a precise purpose and I didn’t!

Now, after a lot of work, I discovered, how, the desire to help others, makes me really able to push my limits, always having energy and motivation… I don’t need to search it, I have a goal, energy comes spontaneous!

Even if I slept just couple of hours, ate bad and worked for hours, the energy come naturally because I know what I needed to do!

Finding your goal it’s fundamental to live a valuable life and to do so you need to be able to face difficult situations!