Strategy Game

Fuck Positivity

Be positive, think positive and positivity will take care of everything


Mentality, it’s 90% of the game, True!

But positivity doesn’t matter, it’s strategy!

It’s strategizing the future that makes the difference, immagine to start a chess game knowing exactly all the moves that you need to win the game! Even if you consider the game boring, you would like to play as s0on as possible, because you wanna apply your strategy!

For days I woke up with lots of energys, but others I felt like dying!

I tried to figure out the difference between day A and day B what made it different? Why one day I was so energetic e the other I wasn’t? What did I do?

Searching I found the answer. In the day A I had a plan, in the day B I didn’t!

But what type of plan? And what do I needed a plan for? Well me and you, need a plan for everything we do!

Daily, I plan the main things that I have to do the next day, what time, where, how, I use Google Calendar, I plan the next day in less then 10 minutes before going to sleep, it doesn’t matter if the next day I am going to work 15 hours or I will be running around all day, the next morning I will jump out of bed because I know exactly what I need to do for the next 18 hours!

Phisical excercise, Studying, Calls, Meeting, Appointments, Texts, Writing, Dinner… I put down evertything, everything that I will do! And it’s amazing!

It might seem crazy, but you will win the game with strategy, not luck! Get ready to win your life game!