You are the avarage of the 5 people you spend most of the time with

People that sorround you, will influence your thoughts and your life!

If you create a space where, the people that you spend the most time with, your friends, coullages or your boss, are the people that push you to improve, and if you decide to never disconnect from them in any cases, your failure it’s impossible!

You have to push yourself to stay close to a lot of success and business, always!

Doing so, alouds you to focus your attention on growth, developing of yourself and others.

You wanna stay in the line of the people that produce, you wanna stay around them, you wanna try to produce a lot all the time!

I will make an extreme example, imagine if you had the possibility of spending most of your time with people like Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, listen to what they say and how they think.

Immagine, it will be inevitable that your income, and your economical situation will improve, not neccesarly because uncle Bill gave you a good position in Microsoft but because you will change yourself, your situation and you will improve.

Search for people that will make you better, those person with who, maybe, in some situation, you don’t feel comfortable with, but those, are the people that will push you out of your comfort zone so you can always improve!

Personally it took me some time to understand this concept, I was scared of connecting myself with people that were in some way better or had more success then me, with time, even, being a little bit pushed because of my job, I found myself in situations where I could learn from every person around me and even I felt a little bit “inferior” those moment thought me a lot and now I try to recreate them a lot in my life!

If you are the person that nows the most in the room, you are in the wrong room!