Why Small Businesses Need Freelance Writers

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Owning and operating a small business can be stressful. If you focus on clients or customers, something you need is content; and a lot of it. To name a few, small businesses rely on:

· Social Media Posts

· Newsletters

· Product or Service Descriptions

· Case Studies

· White Papers

· Website Content

When are you going to find time to produce all of this and more while you’re dealing with other issues? A Freelance Writer can take care of these tasks while you focus on running other areas of your business.

One of the best things about hiring a Freelance Writer is their flexibility. Freelance Writers usually work from home and produce quick content when you need it; daily or twice a week. Contracting a Freelance Writer will not only free up your time, but save you money in the long haul. Pricing for Freelance Writers varies based on their experience, specialty, etc. Some Freelance Writers charge per word, per job, and even per hour; but having strong, engaging content from someone who specializes in writing will pay off.

An example of how a Freelance Writer can benefit your business is content marketing. You need to get more clients or customers, but you’re unsure of how to write a detailed, SEO friendly post to bring in traffic. You discover a Freelance Writer who writes case studies (success stories) for businesses. The Freelancer writes a two-page short story about how your business helped a client or customer by solving their problem, and you publish this and market it on your social platforms. This leads to more business and earning more than you put in for the Freelance Writer. A well-written case study is a strong marketing tool because it tells a relatable story to potential clients and customers; giving them an idea of how your business can meet their needs.

Some entrepreneurs are hesitant about bringing in an outside source. Many business owners feel the need to do it all themselves since they understand what needs to be done. However, Freelance Writers are business owners as well, and seek long-term clients; we’re willing to research and communicate as much as possible to understand our project goals and client satisfaction.