Podcasts are amazing

Today I just want to spend a couple of words in favor of podcasts.

Well, I love them. The reason is quite simple, they allow you to learn a lot of stuff in a little time and they allow you to learn while driving, cycling, walking or in all those moments in which you don’t need the complete focus.

You can choose between listening to music or listening to a new podcast episode or audiobook. I prefer the last two options unless I completely need my pumping music. For example, when I do weights work outs I can’t be motivated to weight lift listening to Pat Flynn’s podcast ahah :) I need some pumping music.

However, I suggest you download Stitcher or other Podcast apps, subscribe to 2–3 great value podcasts and start learning.

Here is a short list of Podcasts I try to learn from:

The SPI Podcast

4 hour work week

List building lifestyle

See you tomorrow ;)

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