Time management

I was reading The Miracle Morning (I am loving it, I really want to finish it tomorrow so that then I can apply) and reflecting about why waking up earlier it is really the just single way to find the time for personal development.

Now that we have social media, youtube videos, WhatsApp and everything similar to them are stealing us a lot of time.
I am trying to focus on my tasks, my business ideas, my exams, and development but it is quite easy to take 5 minutes to relax, open Instagram, check the time and find that an hour has gone.

Don’t laugh, I know that it happened to you too ;)

So today I just wanted to share the 3 simple tips I am trying to use to minimize the time losses, to keep my focus on important things for as long as I need to complete them.

Here they are:

1. I focus on my task for 25 minutes, 5 minutes of break (I drink, stretch, walk but NO smartphone or PC). This single time chunk is usually named Pomodoro. After you do 3 Pomodoro, just take 20–30 minutes to read, relax, you can even get on your smartphone if you know you can leave it when it is time to restart.

2. Schedule your time chunks before starting a specific activity, plan how many Pomodoro to do.

3. Be able to say NO, if you plan to study, to write that article, to dedicate 1 hour to your workout, don’t say yes to your friends’ requests, don’t go out, just keep focused and do what you planned to do.

Well, I think it is quite obvious I suggest to turn off your smartphone and PC when doing your tasks unless you need them for completing your work :)
Do you have other tips, I’m looking to improve my strategies, let me know in the comments ;)