Why is capturing emails so important?

Today topic is: capturing leads.

When you read something about internet marketing, it is quite inevitable to read the quote

“The money is in the follow-up!”.

What does it mean?

Why is capturing emails so important?

Isn’t more effective sending traffic to the sales page?

I will try to answer shortly to all the previous questions ;)

What does “the money is in the follow-up” mean?

Well, this is quite the simplest question of the three, but it is very important to understand it before even thinking about building an online business.

But let’s just leave for a moment the internet, let’s think about what do you do when you need to buy something.

Let’s say you need to buy a new smartphone or car. Just reply to this simple question: do you buy it immediately? Do you make your purchase the first time you see an offer?

Well, I don’t think so. We are not able to evaluate something without comparing it to other stuff, to the competitors, to the alternatives. It does make sense, right?!

We are not able to perceive the absolute value of a product, but we are able to decide (I hope) if product A is better than product B for ourselves. To make this choice, we need TIME!

Well, here is the point. We quite never buy at the first approach, we need time. Here is the reason why you need to capture the email of people who arrive to your landing page or to your website.

In this way, you can keep writing them about the benefits of your product/service and make them trust you ;)

I think I replied even to the second question, I’ve already explained why it is important to capture emails.

And I think that it is now quite obvious why money is in the follow-up!

Let’s go to the last question!

Isn’t more effective to send traffic (free or paid..) to the sales page of my product?

I think that a partial reply to this question was given in the previous paragraph, however, I want to add some ideas.

The main reason why someone, like me and you, may think about building an online business and revenue is because of the freedom an income like this can give us and because of the possibility of meeting a lot of cool people with our business. Well, so it seems reasonable to invest money for advertising the sales page, hoping people buy our product (or an affiliate product) and make profits!

This quite simple scheme has a big hole!

If people who you paid for visit your sales page and don’t buy, what did you pay for? Traffic? I don’t think you paid just to brag with your friends about how many people visit your website, isn’t it?!

You advertise because you want to make money, you want to sell your product, whatever it is. So, here comes the email capturing process.

If you just capture a lead, then redirect him/her to your sales page there is a huge difference!

In the case they buy, you are happy 2 times: you made money and have a new person to contact for future launches and projects.

In the case they don’t buy, you are still happy: you added a new person to your list, you can market him in the future, maybe he will buy the same product he rejected the next week ;)

So, I think I wrote even too much, however, the things to say are a lot and I will dedicate the daily articles to talk about this and a lot of other stuff, so start following and reading me ;)