JEFF BEZOS’s quotes about SUCCESS and LEADERSHIP — founder of AMAZON

JEFF BEZOS is the founder of AMAZON and here are some of his quotes about success and leadership:

“..You have to be willing to be misunderstood if you’re going to innovate..”

“..Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient..”

“..Life is too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful..”

“..It’s the right business decision to experiment more..”

“..Be proud not for your gifts but of your hard work..and your cannot really be proud of your gifts because they were given to choose to do hard things, you choose to do hard things. Those are choices you can be proud of..”

“..Be an inventor requires to be a domain expert. So inventors have this paradoxical ability to have 10000 hours of practicee, and be a domain expert and have the beginner’s mind, have that look at it freshly even though they know so much about the domain and that’s the key to inventing. I’m gonna become an expert and I’m gonna keep my beginner’s mind..”

“ do think into 3–5 years timeframes but thinking in 5 to 7 year timeframes changes how you plan, where you put your energy and your ability to look around the corners..”

“..If you don’t understand the details of your business, you’re going to fail..”

“..A Brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well..”

“..If you build a great experience, customers tell each others about that. Word of mouth is very powerful..”

“..If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness..”

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