Paul Polman’s quotes about Success and Leadership — CEO of Unilever

Paul Polman is the CEO of UNILEVER and here are some of his quotes about Success and Leadership:

Paul Polman — Unilever

“..If you want to exist as a company in the future, you have to go beyond. You actually have to make a positive contribution..” Paul Polman, Unilever

“..the world we want is an enormous responsibility..” Paul Polman, Unilever

“..Leadership is not about giving energy. It’s unleashing other’s people energy..” Paul Polman, Unilever

“..We cannot choose between growth and sustainability — we must have both..” Paul Polman, Unilever

“..This world is changing enormously. In any position in a company you need to work very hard on learning new skills every day, but you also need to unlearn some of the old skills from the past..”

“..When I interview people, I look at their values. I always say that the best chance of success is if the individual’s values are aligned with the corporate values..”

“..What is success? I think the most important thing is to achieve what you set out to achieve. Just being a CEO in itself is not success. I would not relate success to a title or a position. My career has had a level of serendipity all along. I’ve never planned anything out more than a few years..” Paul Polman, Unilever

“We have to bring this world back to sanity and put the greater good ahead of self-interest.” — Paul Polman, Unilever

“..showing your leadership in the area of sustainability will place you very well..because the future issues that we need to solve are the challenges of climate and energy or water or biodiversity or natural capital and many of the other things..”

“..the skill sets that we need to learn to be successful in life..are going to be the same as we’ve always had..”

“ be a good business person, you need to know as much in the future about sustainability as you know about need to know as much about climate change as you about cash flow…you need to know as much about international development as you do about business development..”

“ any system where too many people feel that they’re not participating or left behind, that system will ultimately rebel against itself just like a cancer in a body..”

“..the system that we have created have lifted so many people out of poverty..but it wasn’t quite sustainable. It came at an enormous cost, a high level of private and government debt. An enormous level of overconsumption and leaving too many people behind…”

“..Leaders of tomorrow need to be purpose-driven..need to feel comfortable with the level of transparency..need to be able to work in partnership..need to be systemic thinkers to be able to handle this complexity..but above all need to be human beings..”

“’s not important to be’s important to be in a job where you can be who you are..”

“..I’ve never aspired to be a CEO. These things are not under your control..if you’re so obsessed to become a CEO you’re probably making your own life miserable..”

“..if anybody can’t explain wha they do to help others make a positive contribution..they should really ask themselves why they are there..”

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