Takeaways from “The Content Revolution” by Mark Masters — book review

Content Revolution — Mark Masters — Davide Scialpi’s blog — Book review

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As most of you will know, today, content is king. Which means, in a few words, that in order to grab attention, build awareness, foster consideration, get the preference and create loyalty relationships and advocacy about your business value propositions it is extremely important to improve our capacity of creating and distributing great, fresh and smart content that informs, inspires, excites, involves, entertains and helps our target audiences of interest and non-interest.

I am in the content marketing industry since the 2000 and lots of things have changed from that period.

We cannot build anymore our reputation ourselves through traditional media. Nobody is paying attention to traditional ways of promoting brand messages such as radio, tv and print adv communications.

When it comes to purchase and life decisions, we are all taking into consideration what the people of our off-line and on-line social networks know and tell about the direct and real experiences they had and have with the businesses, people and brands related to our search of information.

When it comes to today’s marketing communications, we do not have anymore a second chance to convince others. The digital world along with its social angles is where the decision making process about products/services and people value propositions starts today.

First impression matters more than ever. Continuing to use “buy me” messages will lead us to progressively lose our audiences and the possibility to correctly demonstrate our real value and inform about the benefits of our business as well as engage with and influence and persuade our target markets. Especially in the always-on world. As a consequence of this, investing money without getting a concrete return about it will become pure reality. Wasted time, Wasted money.

So, we need to focus and work on creating and distributing great contents that can be relevant to our target audiences of reference. They will become the first touch points and interactions our audiences will have with us whether we are businesses, brands, strong brands or people. The first places where they will build their own positive or negative perceptions about us and about our value propositions and positionings.

I recently had a good reading about the said content revolution: the Content Revolution by Mark Masters published by LID.

I have thought it could be a very good idea and profitable sharing a couple of great takeaways from it. I do think and hope it can be useful to correctly and successfully embrace the content marketing journey by getting the right mindset and approach about it.

Like it or not, Content Marketing is crucial part of the Digital Transformation of your Business.

To you..enjoy!

“..People will be more willing to become part of your audience if they know that you share useful resources..”

“..The difference from 10 years ago to today is that the number of platforms upon which you can communicate has now increased tenfold. Platforms are now available to manage social networks fully and also respond directly to customers through the platform..”

“..The content that you product should never be aimed at everyone. Similar to the magazine that is your business, you want to create something that makes an appeal on an emotional level and encourages a personal connection..”

“..If you publish content within your own spaces, you have complete control and no-one is going to disable a feature or start to charge you for entry..”

“..The way we consume information and our purchasing decisions have changed.Consumers no longer respond to forced messages and lists of product benefits that some businesses continue to provide..”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“..Having a commitment is the essence to becoming a successful media company. Owning a media as opposed to renting it. It’s a marketing process to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating content..”

“..The content you create can draw others towards you by establishing you in a role of guidance rather than purely a role of transaction..”

“..As a media company, you have to understand what is relevant to your audience. You have to put yourself in members’ shoes and identify how they want to be served and what matters to them. Once you understand your audience, you can connect. Once you have engaged you can repeat with a proven formula..”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“..Before anyone makes a purchase decision, your website is the place where people will go to collate more information. A website is a necessity for doing business and making it mobile friendly with a responsive design is becoming the norm..”

“..Content is not king. It’s the driving force behind engaging with others via the media channel that they prefer to consume..”

“:.Creating information that is readily available, but serves a deeper purpose, is something that can position you as a trusted resource with a honest voice.:”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“…If you give away content for free, it encourages your audience to see you as a honest and selfless authority within your industry…”

“..People are now faced with an avalanche of content from which to choose. To assist the decision process by providing information that your competition is not currently offering, can prompt the final selection inf your favour by being seen to be approachable knowledgeable and helpful..”

“..The more compelling the stories you tell, the more others will say.. I can relate to that..”

“..Writing is a skill we need to embrace for our products and services to be recognized and to create better results..”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“..Content and SEO go hand in hand but the aim is to now write for our audiences, not the search engines..”

“…Patience, persistence, and perseverance are the key attributes a business needs to make their content marketing efforts a success. The biggest mistake many businesses make is that give up on their content efforts way to soon. It is a marathon that we are running, not a sprint…”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“..The greater the content, the further it will travel..”

“..Creating good content has the ability to move and enhance consumer behavior..”

“..You need to understand how your content is consumed and how your audience interacts with your message..”

“…We need to concentrate our efforts on the target marketplace we can assist the best.To do this, great content engines, finds reach, and communicates in a way that builds trust and is relevant to others…”

“..Authenticity presents it self when you acknowledge your own strenghts, more away from the crowd and realized that you are unique as is the way that you do things. We do better business when we are just ourselves and do it with enthusiasm and convinction..”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“..What makes you different from your competition is having your own voice and telling a story that is true to you. You need to stand on your own feed and not be like everyone else..”

“..Your business future depends on the ability not only to be more real, human, transparent but also to connect..”

“..Well created content comes from wrapping smart ideas around the messages you around..”

“..Honoring your audience and making sure they feel part of what you strand for, in your brand fruition path..”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“…People consume content that is relevant to them. With the increasing number of messages that are tugging at our sleeves for attention we are becoming better at filtering information. This means the information that resonates with us will be from sources that we trust and we approve…”

“..The control, creation, and distribution of information requires a skilled approach and it is down to you as business what works best for your audience and the preferred formats you produce..”

“..A media company can be defined as a business that produces informative content to build an audience..”

“…We are living in a cultural shift where authentic engagement has superseded product promotion and interruption…”

“…For businesses to become successful in propagating their own message, they need to become to act like media companies. The biggest strenghts small businesses have over their larger counterparts is that they can be faster, more social, and create a voice of their own. Speed now wins…”

“…Having a media company you control means you are a creator, creator and self-publisher…”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“..When content marketing works it is because the focus is on creating stories/information/perspectives that worth talking about and sharing..”

“…Once you understand your audience you can connect. Once you have connected, you can repeat with a proven formula…”

“…Every company today needs to be a media company in the way it provides key information to its audience…”

“…writing is becoming a skill that we all must possess. Most of our content is now consumed online and represents a global shift whereby we are absorbing what we read on our phones, tablets, and computers…”

“…Your business goal is for others to regard you as influential. You can create an open approach to share information for the benefit of others. If you not give generously, then someone else will. This means that someone else has the opportunity to build a dialogue on their platform while you are guarding what is precious to you…”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

“…Today marketing is about creating useful interaction about human experiences…”

“…Storytelling and having creative freedom allows us to act with authenticity. We cannot stick with what we’ve always been used to. We need to know the places where our respective industries are heading…”

From the Content Revolution by Mark Masters

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