Debugging Chronicles: Missing Lambda Invocation

 Why would only one Lambda out of many not be executed even if the Gateway API is properly configured and executed?

Make sure every single fetch you make to the GatewayAPI passes the Cognito Authorization Token in the Headers.

I am working on a FullStack project where we recently added Cognito Authorizers on top of the Lambda functions we are invoking through GatewayAPI.

We use serverless framework and configuration is quite simple

functions: create-user-lambda: handler: create.handler events: - http: path: users method: post cors: true authorizer: type: COGNITO_USER_POOLS authorizerId: Ref: ApiGatewayAuthorizer get-user-lambda: handler: get.handler events: - http: path: users/{id} method: get cors: true authorizer: type: COGNITO_USER_POOLS authorizerId: Ref: ApiGatewayAuthorizer my-special-lambda: handler: publish.handler events: - http: path: publish method: post cors: true authorizer: type: COGNITO_USER_POOLS authorizerId: Ref: ApiGatewayAuthorizer

After a few days — and a bunch of other PullRequests — we noticed that only one endpoint of the API was not working when invoked by our React App.

I was sure functionality was ok: Unit Tests were all working and also the Integration Test was successful at updating the DB. Since the test invokes directly our logic bypassing the handler I needed to check the behaviour of the Lambda itself when invoked by the client.

I used serverless-offline plugin to start my serverless stack locally and then configured the frontend running on localhost:3000 to invoke the API on localhost:3001. All good.

I also tried using ngrok to expose to my running local version of the lambda to the outside world and switcheroo chrome plugin to redirect the call to the Gateway API to the Ngrok URL, so that I could test directly on the version of the App we had on QA. Again no problem.

It was obvious that there was something wrong at the Gateway API / Cognito level, especially because as awesome the serverless-offline plugin is, the local version of the stack differs in many aspects (aws credentials, roles and authtokens) from the real version on AWS.

This theory was confirmed by the fact that the logs of the Lambda were completely empty. ( you can check them in the Cloudwatch UI console or just by sls logs -f YOUR_FUNCTION -s STAGE/ENV ): that meant that the Lambda was never triggered, but since the OPTIONS handshake made by the browser just before the POST was successful, that meant that the GateWay API was properly configured...

It must have something to do with the Authorizer but the configuration was exactly the same of all other Lambdas… I quickly removed the Authorizer only on that Lambda and redeploy. Of course the Endpoint started working again as expected. 
 What could be wrong?!?!

I checked again the requests headers and content in the network panel of Chrome Dev tools. The working ones looked like this:

The broken one looked like this:

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