In the future, we could record, optimize, and replay our memories — even after death

In an excerpt from his new book Talking to Robots, David Ewing Duncan imagines looking back from a future where memories can be permanently stored with the help of a technology called Memory Bot based on an actual conversation he had with Ken Goldberg, Tiffany Shlain, and Odessa Shlain Goldberg.

Leroy Hood, pioneer of systems biology, is trying to upend medicine with a service that tests everything about you.

“Your TMAOs are a little high,” said Ginger Hultin, my personal health data coach. She was on the phone going over a report that I had just received online from her company, called Arivale.

A few weeks earlier, this Seattle-based startup took copious amounts of my blood, saliva, and stool…

Gene-editing pioneer Jennifer Doudna’s new book reveals her dreams and nightmares about what she has unleashed.

Adolf Hitler came to her in a dream, wearing a pig’s face and asking excitedly about what she had just invented.

That nightmare — and her willingness to share the story — reveals a lot about Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist at the University of California, Berkeley, and her new book…

Juan Enriquez bets on the end of undruggable targets, the power of programmable cells, and a machine that cooks up biological material.

When Juan Enriquez takes the stage at TED or some other venue, he makes his entrance with a slow, leonine deliberation. At turns gruff, foreboding, waggish, and witty, Enriquez proceeds to do what he does better than most: explain clearly and forcefully such weighty topics as genetically redesigning people and…

David Ewing Duncan

Life science writer, latest book: Talking to Robots; Wired, Vanity Fair, Tech Review, Atlantic, NPR, NEO.LIFE; CEO Arc Fusion

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