David Zaffino and ROSE LifeScience strive to develop and distribute innovative, responsible cannabis products that move the industry forward and connect consumers with better options than ever.

The President and Chief Financial Officer at ROSE, Zaffino shares his team’s commitment to enhancing the growing process, spurring innovation and working with partners and governments to continually evolve the industry.

Core Principles of ROSE LifeScience

David Zaffino and his team are driven by several key principles:

· Community. Located in Huntingdon, Quebec, ROSE is dedicated to helping the local community flourish through job creation, cultural investment and assuming responsibility for caring for the environment.

· Transparency. The…

David Zaffino is the successful owner of DaviDev Real Estate Development in Montreal. The firm was established in 2008 and has become one of the leading real estate development and sales firms in the region. DaviDev was built on the foundation of credibility, which he earned during his time as a Real Estate Regional Sales Manager for the Province of Quebec at TD Canada Trust.

Here are five supportive statements for David:

1. David Zaffino graduated with honors from Concordia University, where he earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance.

2. David Zaffino has extensive experience as a real…

David Zaffino and the team at Rose LifeScience recently donated a significant amount of PPE to the Huntingdon healthcare community, an effort to help stem the shortage of medical equipment affecting care providers throughout the area, according to a recent article in The Gleaner.

David Zaffino, along with Rose LifeScience CEO Brian Stevenson and Chief Marketing Officer Francois Limoges, made the donation of N-95 masks and protective gloves to the Barrie Memorial Hospital and the Huntingdon CLSC, two organizations now on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The donation was made shortly after the announcement that “there was potentially only a three-day supply of personal protective medical equipment in the province,” an event sparking immediate action by Zaffino and Rose LifeScience leadership.

Visit https://www.prdistribution.com/news/david-zaffino-and-rose-lifescience-step-up-donate-ppe-to-healthcare-community.html for the complete post.

In 2001, David Zaffino became employed at TD Canada Trust. During his seven years at the financial institution, Mr. Zaffino lead, coached, and developed employees to achieve results that were based on targets, sales revenues, profitability, and the growth of branch retail volume.

He eventually became the Regional Director of Real Estate, continuing to contribute to the success of the business unit through both his personal and team commitment.

David Zaffino is President at DaviDev Real Estate Development, which provides boutique real estate development, marketing and sales to some of the largest developers in the region.

Currently, Zaffino’s firm manages multiple projects across Greater Montreal, including Downtown Montreal, Ahuntsic, Downtown Laval, Little Italy, Plateau Mont-Royal and more. David Zaffino and DaviDev have delivered $250 million in retail sales during the last four years.

Davide Zaffino is Owner of DaviDev Real Estate Development, a real estate development consulting firm founded in 2008.

He is also President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Rose LifeScience, a Quebec-based cannabis production firm.

The Rose LifeScience Phase 1 facility is currently in construction. The future 55,000 sq. ft. facility will feature an extraction laboratory and a research and development center.

Davide Zaffino is a passionate supporter of numerous charities throughout the local community.

Among those he continues to support are the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Tremblant’s 24th, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation and Let’s Bond.

Davide Zaffino is also responsible for organizing many fundraisers on behalf of The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation — events that have pulled in tens of thousands of dollars for children in need.

Davide Zaffino is the current President of DaviDev Real Estate Development, which he founded in 2008.

The DaviDev team has projects in Downtown Montreal, Plateau Mont-Royal, Ahuntsic, Little Italy, and Downtown Laval, ranging from seven to nearly 200 units.

So far, DaviDev has developed approximately 1,000 condo units. They specialize in condo developments in high-demand areas in and around Montreal.

David Zaffino

David Zaffino’s company, DaviDev, has successfully delivered over $200 million in retail sales in just four years.

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