Feeding Down in 1 step (or maybe 2)

What’s the simplest way to eat a precise amount on a diet? Pack a bag!

First, mission accomplished on getting my calories back in line after a major accounting error on Saturday. I was actually so enthused about correcting my numbers I corrected for all 500+ calories of my overage on Sunday alone. I ate my regular breakfast, and then nibbled on protein bars and sliced turkey before and after my double workout — hard but worth it!

Monday went off well (two more workouts, consuming 2256 calories) and Tuesday was the end of the workout week; I met my trainer for an intense weight workout and consumed exactly 2100 calories for that day and 1921.8 for today. The feeding down is as down as it gets and we will see where I am for the Saturday morning photo shoot. Tomorrow my weigh-in should be less than 224.8…I’ll tweet the results around 5 AM EST and we will see where I stand.

Between being a CEO, a coach and therapist, my days get really long and nutrition, especially post-workout, can be very challenging. So on those days I lay out all my food in the kitchen, open my tracking app and put food together until I reach the caloric and macro nutritional requirements for the day.

Aside from breakfast, the photo below is what I ate Tuesday. I pack it all in a big canvas On the Media bag and when the sack is empty, that’s it until the next morning.

As you can see, it is a lot of whole foods and some protein bars to get my daily protein above 200 grams a day. I used to be a protein denier but after many experiments with my training and weight I have found that restricted calories and high protein is a ratio that cannot be beat in promoting healthy weight loss.

What’s one other important factor in weight loss? Sleep. I am over due for my bedtime and 5 am rolls in soon. So good night all and I’ll see you somewhere online soon.

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