I’m Wearing a 17 Slim

I woke up this morning and, in a surprising move found that I had lost my 71st pound. I stared at the scale and did what I do in these circumstances. I stepped off and and stepped back on again and it glowed the same number — 229.

I did it! I had lost my 71st pound!

So my day begins; five minute meditation, breakfast, errands, gym clothes packed and then I realize I have a presentation with a prestigious company near my mental health practice in Darien, Connecticut. And after 71 pounds, despite a lot of shopping, I had nothing to wear.

So I hopped on the 1 and went to Soho to find a new suit. I got a lot of nice news as I tried coats and and shirts on — numbers I never had beford , at least relating to my body. The best was finding out my new body looked best in a 17 slim dress shirt. 17 SLIM (it’s in a blue shopping bag to my left as I happily type this sentence).

You see, for the past few years I have been modifying essentially every aspect of my life. When I come back to the East Coast after two-and-a-half years of private practice in Seattle, I had come to a conclusion — I was a hypocrite. I had spent my career talking to clients about goals and boundaries and self-improvement on a daily basis. But I was a wreck. I was in an awful relationship; my finances were a mess and I tipped the scales at 300 (!?) pounds.

So I decided I was going to take the cognitive behavioral skills I taught my clients and apply them to myself. I committed to changing it all (not a good idea by the way, but more on that later) and I started working on being who I knew I could. And then I lost my way, or got too busy, and work took over my life in the way it will when you are an entrepreneur. So many aspects of my plan worked. My practice as a therapist and life coach exploded, my finances really started falling into place…but the exercise and diet part of my plan got kicked down the road a month, six months…a year.

My body battle offically fell into place April 2015,; I hit the gym hard, got a brilliant coach and started doing what I knew needed to be done to my diet to make me who I wanted — nay needed — to be.

My goal for the whole two-years had been to lose 70 big ones; let me lose 70 pounds and I will be the man I should be. Why 70? Based on my height, 5 feet 11.5 inches I should be around 180 based on my frame and 70 did not get me there. Well, 70 would make me weigh 230 pounds, the weight I had been lying that I was for the past 20 years! On every driver’s license and every form at the doctor and the passport office, 230 was the number I knowingly lied about to everyone, even though I had not been near that number in years.

And about two months ago an odd thing happened — I had an indentation at the top of my stomach. I asked my coach, Ryan, what that was.

“Oh, your abs are coming in — it always starts at the top.”

Abs. Abs are something for fit men. I mean really fit. I got home and looked at it. Yep, they were there still — my two pack. And as I continued along and things kept progressing I decided I needed the experience of having a six-pack, something I had never had and never dreamed could possibly ever be mine. So I asked Ryan if I could keep losing and he said what he normally does.

“Sure. But it’s gonna be hard.”

So I picked a new number to go after once I hit the 70 — I wanted to lose 31 more. Why that number? It would make a good title for a blog or a book — I Lost 101 Pounds (and You Can Too!). So today is the day, the first day of this second phase. And I am going to take you along with me dear reader, so you can see what I do to lose and keep the weight off my body for the rest of my life.

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