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King and Queen, a Sonnet

King and Queen, the timeless dream,
When one plus one equals three,
Perfectly stitched, not a glitch or seam,
Unstoppable, even the gods fear their potency,


Alone I am a Duke, but I could build a kingdom with you,
Purest and fairest maiden in all the land,
Search your heart, you know it’s true,
All you need to do is take my hand,


We’ll lead our pawns, bishops, knights, and rooks,
Through the Valley of Death to Camelot, 
We’ll dodge and block our enemy’s jabs, crosses, and hooks,
All I need is one shot,


If you were my Queen, I would never leave, 
If you were my Queen, there’s nothing we couldn’t achieve

David Ferm is a writer dedicated to Education, Liberty, and Value. He is the co-author of Weight Lifting Essentials, and has worked with clients on 4 different continents.