Lochte lied about robbery

When it hit the news that a group of American Olympic swimmers was robbed at gunpoint at the Rio Olympics, it looked like yet another black eye for Brazil, who has faced a series of PR crises in the run-up to the Summer Games.

Ryan Lochte, the swimmer at the center of the story, told everyone who would listen he and his teammates were held at gunpoint at a local gas station. Robbers took their money and their wallets, but not their cell phones and IDs. By the time the headlines hit the U.S., they were around the world. One of the world’s foremost swimmers was yet another victim of “rampant crime” in South America.

Then the facts started coming out. Turns out, nothing of the sort happened. When all the dust settled, Lochte had paid a fine, and two other teammates were being charged with vandalism. Here, according to police statements and signed witness statements from the other swimmers, is what actually happened:

Lochte and his cohorts Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz, and Jimmy Feigen, had been bar hopping and were a little bit too drunk to be up to much good. They went into the gas station and proceeded to trash the outside bathroom door because they couldn’t get it open. When a station security officer stopped and questioned them — an incident caught on security camera — they weren’t the best, most polite people in the world.

Later the gas station owner arrived and, using a translator, got the Americans to agree to pay for the door, which they did. And the story could have ended right there … but Lochte lied … To His Mother.

“Mom” Lochte took the entirely fabricated tale of her dear boy being accosted on the streets of Rio to the press, who, of course, ate that up. By the time Ryan realized his boneheaded mistake, the story was around the world, and his buddies Conger and Bentz were being yanked off a plane back to the States and interrogated by police.

These guys told the truth, and the real story surfaced. Suddenly, Lochte, and by proxy, all the Americans, looked foolish.

It is a very poor ending to what is likely Lochte’s last Olympics.

David Firester is the CEO of TRAC Intelligence.”