This Is Why You Hate Me
Dave Pell

Living is a constant battle of good vs evil, selflessness vs selfishness. It becomes so easy to let our emotions, ambitions, and confirmation bias get the better of us. It requires us to constantly “work” on ourselves, tweak and test ourselves to not cross the line into what we call evil (wishing ill will or harm will befall others).

I see the internet as an amazing tool. It allows so much information to be freely accessible. It allows collaboration and communication to be taken to another level. But it also allows anonymity.

The “hate” you describe, I believe stems from people hiding behind their masks. Before the internet, experiments showed just how evil normal folks could be when hiding behind a mask:

I really see the problem of hate in our nation and culture a failure of the family. Individuals are never more formed in their beliefs, their understanding of love and empathy, than in their childhoods. Even then, the child grows up and must make their own choices, and when faced with the temptation of their “masks” as well as social pressures (which can also be defined as a mask), they may just succumb.

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