The course is set on hope
Paul Mason

This is an amazingly prescient article and your analysis is superb. Top shelf, in fact. That is your great strength. Reading this article is like putting on super-powerd glasses and seeing the situation in super high resolution. It is so rare that I experience this sensation when reading an article, and so fully.

Your suggestion to focus on the economic programme alone during the term of office and to “forget any systemic challenge to the military, diplomatic and security status quo” for the time being sounds as cogent as everything around it, but I am less persuaded by it. In some sense there you stepped away from your core strength for a moment, in the midst of battle.

The bottom line is that you always give me this super-powered vision. And that makes me better able to articulate what I understand intuitively already about the state of the world to everyone I know. Multiply this by all of the other people who also follow your coverage, like I do, and you get some idea of the scale of the good that you do in the world. Thank you so very much for that.