How to formulate the declaration of climate emergency

To really have animpact on the living planet, which is needed to react to the climate and environmental crisis, the declarations of climate emergency should in my opinion be linked to five points. Now, in most cities and regions, the declarations are only linked to the second point (with the big risk of becoming a greenwashing political tool).

1 Real information of the population. This has to be done via different canals, media, education, public information, on a daily basis.

2 The impact on the climate and environmental crisis as overall guiding principle of all political decisions.

3 Linking all political decisions to the framework of Paris/1.5-degree-IPCC-report: meaning for European countries to stay within emission-budgets which force to 15 percent reduction per year.

4 Delivering a concrete action plan to fulfill this. Linking the actions to local, national and global perspectives of social justice and equity.

5 Creating democratic surveillance of this whole process (for example by having “citizen assemblies” or similar forms of people´s voice, which guarantees that the outcome is not framed for a specific interest of dominating parts of society, but for all).

Wherever citizens demand a city, county or nation to declare climate emergency, the declaration should include these five aspects (or similar formulated ones) as integral parts.




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David Fopp

David Fopp

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