Fighting With Demons

Written by D.R. Frazier

I struggled and fought with my demons defeating them one by one, until one night I got drunk and invited them all to a party.

Gluttony wanted to invite Greed, but I told her no because I don’t know him and I have trust issues.

We had a good time at the party until Jealousy got so drunk he accused Lust of being too flirtatious with Vanity, but of course Vanity didn’t mind all the attention, but she was upset when she noticed Gluttony starring with disgust in her eyes. Gluttony bloated unattractive, out of shape ass was hating on all the attention Vanity was getting. As Gluttony stuffed her face with food, Lie walked up and whispered in her ear “Don’t worry about Vanity, your the prettiest woman at this party.” He laughed as he walked away and then he bumped into Pride who got mad because Lie stepped on his shoes. Deceit came between them before the confrontation got started as Lie and Pride starred each other down ready to fight. Lie turned and said he was truly sorry and walked away, but of course nobody believes what he says. Deceit walks up and whispered something into Pride’s ear and starts instigating the whole situation. Lie was telling Anger what happened when Pride who was determined not to let Lie get away with stepping on his shoe ran up and pushed Lie in the back causing him to bump Vanity who was holding a drink that she spilled on her sexy dress and also got some of her drink on Anger who does what he does (gets angry) and threw a punch at Deceit and an all out brawl started. I yelled and got everyone to stop until Lie yelled out that it was all my fault and all my demons rushed towards me and started beating me down to the ground and continously stomped me until I yelled out “Oh God” all of a sudden 5 Angels appeared and 3 of the Angel started tossing away all the demons as the other 2 Angels stood by the door watching. One of the Angels at the door walked over and held his hand out to helped me to my feet. He introduced me to the 3 other Angels (Compassion, Grace and Mercy) but he never told me his name, he just looked me sternly in my eyes and said “All the demons in your life have been cast away, don’t let them back in because next time Compassion Grace and Mercy may not be back to help and the demons might kill you. He then pointed to the Angel at the door and said “Go with Peace he will take you to a new place so the demons can’t find you unless you give them an invitation.” I left with Peace and as we walked away he told me that God has great plans for you, but you can’t go if you chose to stay and hangout with those demons. Later that night I heard clearly in my spirit…